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El Aguila Dorada Mexican Restaurant 412 Menu

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APERITIVOS CRISPY NACHOS $10.95 AL AJILLO Corn tortilla, cheddar cheese, refried beans, Tossed in our house special garlic sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, pickled jalapenos, served with your choice of: with guacamole & sour cream. Spanish chorizo $14.95 Add: Chicken $3.00 Steak $4.00 Shrimp or octopus $15.95 HIBISCUS TOSTADAS $10.95 CHORI-QUESO $11.95 Sauteed onions, garlic, roasted veggies, Diced tomatoes, onions, fresh jalapenos, pineapple, cauliflower, avocado and crema. Monterey Jack cheese, with a dash of tequila finished w/chorizo. ACAPULCO COCKTAIL Shrimp $17.95 Mix $21.95 PACIFIC CLAMS $15.95 (Octopus, shrimp & oysters in our famous Pan seared clams, diced chorizo, orange juice tangy Acapulco style tomato sauce) in our spicy beer tomato creole broth. HONEY GLAZED TRIED CREATE YOUR OWN SEAFOOD CALAMARI $13.95 RAW PLATTER Red onions, jalapenos, tomatoes, cilantro Blue point oysters (dozen) $23.95 tossed in our sweet homemade balsamic. Pacific clams (dozen)$18.95 Lump crab meat & mango MP CALAMARI & SPANISH Mixed with mayo, onions & cilantro Jumbo Shrimo $3.50 each CHORIZO $16.95 Sauteed with onions, jalapenos, tomatoes in all served with cocktail sauce & citrus. our famous special red sauce(mild or spicy) STUTTED MUSHROOMS $13.95 TASTE THE HEAT (BUFFALO) Baked with crab meat, finished w/our special house made emulsion. Chicken wings $12.95 Shrimp $15.95 BBQ or Thai chilli sauce available for wings NEW ZEALAND MUSSELS $14.95 EL MARINERO $13.95 Sauteed shallots, garlic, oranges & saffron mezcal reduction. (also a la diabla, red or white Pan seared octopus, broiled potatoes sauce available) seasoned with paprika & olive oil. SALADS CASA SALAD $9.95 Mixed areens. tomatoes. radish. onions & fresh fruit, with balsamic vinaigrette or lemon & EVO. ORGANIC QUINOA $11.95 Toasted almonds, arugula, radish, grapes, fresh berries, herbs, oranges & honev lime vinaigrette. CARSAR SALAD $8.95 Romaine lettuce tossed with croutons caesar dressing and grated cheese ENSALADA DE NOPAL $9.95 Tender baby cactus, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, & fresh cheese tossed in lime iuice AVOCADO SALAD MIP Fresh diced avocado. onions. tomatoes & cilantro, dressed with lime juice. Ann PRoteIN TO VOlIR SAlAD GRILLED CHICKEN S4.95 GRILLED NY STEAK $7.95 Avocano gAlan with peollEd gAl MOn CrAB MEAT MP BLACKENED SALMON S8.95 arilled or broiled salmon option available QUESADILLAS MEXICAN QUESADILLA $13.95 LA TRADICIONAL $ 14.95 3 Folded handmade corn tortillas with your Two flour tortillas filled with your choice of I choice of stuffing prepared with melted stuffing, cheddar cheese & jalapenos served I oaxaca cheese, lettuce, cheese & cream. with guacamole, sour cream & tomatoes. Choice of: tinga de pollo, mushrooms, vegetables, chorizo, buffalo chicken, rilled steak or chicken. For pumpkin flower or shrimp +$3.00 QUESADIL SINCRONIZADAS $ 12.95 Two flour tortillas with mayonnaise, ham, avocado, onions, tomatoes, chipotle & Oaxaca cheese. Add: chicken $3.00 steak $4.00 OlEgAdIllAgTrADIC TACOS DIP YOURSOU INTO OUR FLAVORFUL BIRRIA TACOS TACOS SUAVES $11.95 3 bv order made with corn tortillas garnished with cilantro & onions. Served with grilled cactus & scallions. Choice of: grilled chicken or steak, carnitas, I carne enchilada, veggies, chorizo, cecina, I rose meat (suadero), hawaiians, or al pastor +$1.00 shrimp or fish +$4.00 for lengua MP Mixtos mixed choice of protein, I nrirac will vary, hacad on calartinn BIRRIA TACOS S 4 by the order, made with beef bone marrow; a tile kick of soice meted Oaxaca chees cantro ano onion witn it is own broth FLAUTAS 5 crispy taquitos topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese & cream $10.95 Choice of: Tina de pollo. steak & potato. cheese or chorizo & potato. Mixed two choice of stuffing +$2.00 $1.75 additional charge for toppinas on the side TOSTADAS 3 crispy flat corn tortillas topped with a laver of refried beans with vour favorite meat, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cream. cheese & avocado $12.95 Choice of: rilled chicken or steak. carne enchilada, shrimp, carnitas, tinga de pollo or shredded chicken in mole sauce. TOSTADAS -A PLANCLA DEL AGUILA FROM TLE FLAT TOP PICADITAS $11.95 3 handmade corn tortillas prepared with your choice of topping, fresh made salsa, onions, cream & cheese. HUARACHES $12.95 Special handmade corn tortilla stuffed with beans, & your choice of topping, with our special sauce, lettuce, cheese & cream. SOPES $11.95 3 homemade corn tortillas topped with beans, lettuce, cheese & cream Choose your topping: Tinga de pollo, cecina, carne enchilada, chorizo, carnitas, rose meat (suadero), grilled steak or chicken ALAMBRES Sauteed with apple wood bacon, ham, ialapenos, onions and melted Oaxaca cheese Chicken $15.95 steak $17.95 shrimp $18.95 or the three amigos $21.95 TORTAS A Mexican sandwich prepared the Aquila wav! Mayo, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, Oaxaca cheese, pickled jalapenos & avocado. $11.95 - HAMBURGESAS V MAS VEGGIE BURGER: Black bean, quinoa and corn patty, chipotle mayo, avocado, spinach, tomatoes & onions $11.95 LA MILANESA breaded steak or chicken. MEXICANA: LTO, ¡alapeño, Oaxaca cheese & QUESO DE PUERCO head cheese. avocado. $12.95 QUESILLO Oaxaca cheese. DELUXE: American cheese. bacon. LTO. $12.95 POLLO ASADO grilled chicken breast. HAWAIIAN: Ham, American cheese, bacon & BISTEC ASADO grilled steak, pineapple $13.95 sauteed onions & fried jalapenos. $13.95 CEMITA BURGER: Mexican Puebla stvle TORTA LOKA Breaded chicken & steak. sesame roll. 12 oz beef pattv with Oaxaca spicy pork and head cheese. $14.95 cheese chipotle mavo. mixed areens. tomato. HAWAIANA Ham, Oaxaca & American red onions and avocado $15.95 cheese & pineapple. $13.95 CEMITAS POBLANAS: Mexican Puebla style NORTEÑA Mexican sausage, frankfurter sesame roll. Oaxaca cheese, mavo. & ham. $13.95 beans, avocados, tomatoes, onions, chipotle & herbs $11.95 Refer to meat options under torta choices ENCLILADAS BURRITOS 14 corn tortillas smothered with your choice of Sauce, with any stuffing, cream, cheese, Mixed vegaies $12.95 onions & avocado, served w/ rice & beans. $15.95 Chorizo. carnitas, arilled chicken or steak $13.95 Shrimp or shredded chicken in Poblano mole sauct Choose your sauce: $15.93 Green (light green tomatillo). Red (quaiillo & Dulla peppers). TAITAS ENVUELTAS Mole (chocolate, dried pepders. Dlantains & Flour wrap with your choice of meat stuffed with cinnamon). sauteed peppers, onions guacamole, cheddar chees Pohlanas (roasted anaheim penner in a sour cream & salsa served with French fries Chicken $14.95 Steak $15.95 Shrimp $17.95 creamv sauce). /Suizas (charred plum tomato creamy garlic CLIILAOUILES sauce & swiss cheese). Choose your filling: Shredded chicken. cecina. carne enchilada. oaxaca cheese, veggie, or rilled steak. for shrimp. +$4.00 lobster. or lump crab meat +$MP Traditional fried tortillas, topped with cream, cheese, onions & avocado served with beans. $14.93 Choose vour sauce: Green (light areen tomatillo). Red (auaiillo & oulla peppers). Mole (chocolate, dried peppers, plantains & cinnamon Choose your topping: frilled chicken or steak cecina or nornt enchilada. Add a fried egg $2.00
El Aguila Dorada Mexican Restaurant 412 Menu
El Aguila Dorada Mexican Restaurant 412 Menu
PLATOS AL CARBON MEATS & POULTRY ENTREES PLATO A LA MEXICANA $18.95 RIB EYE STEAK $34.95 I Sauteed chicken or steak, in a traditional Grilled or roasted, charred plum tomatoes, tomato. onion & a concoction of ialaneno diced oolato in oaric sauce sauteed solac sauce (hot or mild) w/ branav sauct. MOLE POBLANO $17.95 Chicken on the bone in a Puebla style mole sauce. MOLCAJETE $49.95 Skirt steak, chorizo, grilled chicken, shrimp, pork chop, fried cheese, guacamole served in a nor ava stone CHURRASCO $27.95 Grilled skirt steak served with pico de gallo. SIZZLING FAJITAS Served with 5 warm flour tortillas to "make CHULETAS DE PUERCO $ 19.95 your own meal" with a side of guacamole, Fried or grilled pork chops in a garlic sauce, sour cream, cheese, salsa, rice and beans sauteed onions & mushrooms. BISTEC RANCHERO $26.95 Marinated steak topped with grilled jalapeno, fried cheese, cactus, scallions & onleo chonzo. Veggies $18.95 Chicken $18.95 NY Steak $22.05 Shrimp or fish $24.95 Mix (chicken, steak & shrimp) $28.95 MILANESA RES O POLLO $14.95 Thin breaded chicken or steak. EL AGUILA SPECIAL $19.95 Seared chicken breast, onions, tomatoes, cherrv peopers. cream & Oaxaca cheese. NEW ZEALAND BABY LAMB CHOPS $34.95 dress in chef brandy sauce accompanied with diced potatoes in garlic & sauteed garlic spinach MAR Y TIERRA (SURE & TURD SMP AL CHIPOTLE $23.95 I Sauteed chicken breast & shrimp in a chipotle cream served over linquine finished win chiantro. Herbs marinated 8 oz filet Mignon, three jumbo shrimp,over crab potato hash, sauteed mixed veggies finished with guajill pineapple tepache emulsion. (8 oz broiled lobster tail available when CHILE POBLANO $15.95 in season Stuffed anaheim poblano pepper with cheese in a roasted tomato garlic sauce. BISTECK AL GUSTO $19.95 Grilled sirloin steak with sauteed onions, FILET MIGNON $32.95 mushrooms and garlic 12 oz Filet Mignon with fresh home made potato chips, rice & sauteed broccoli EL AGUILA RIB EYE STEAK $39 95 Rib eve steak tooped with diced potato soinach spanish chorizo, bacon and melted cheddar cheese MARISCOS SEAFOOD CAMARONES AL GUSTO $23.95 Marinated jumbo shrimp. Choice of: grilled or breaded ATLANTIC SALMON $23.95 Herb roasted fillet, in tequila tomatillo sauce reduction with rice and watercress salad CAMARONES AL AJILLO $24.95 Jumbo shrimp in garlic sauce PESCADO DEL DIA SM/P Pan seared fish of the day with epazote MOJARRA FRITA $ 18.95 herb, in butter roasted garlic lemon Seasoned fried Tilapia (whole fish with bones) emulsion with esquite and arugula salad topped with tomatoes and queso fresco CALDO DE MARISCOS $23.95 Clams, mussels, scallops, shrimp, crab legs in our red stew broth (hot or mild) TWIN CRAB CAKES $23.95 Served with chipotle aioli, rice & CALDO DE CAMARON $12.95 Head on prawne in our special hroth CALDO DE PESCADO $ 19.95 RELLENO $24.05 Whole fish tilapia (with bones) in our red stew broth with vegetables (hot or mild) Choice of shrimp or fillet of sole stuffed with crão neat mix in waiLe wIne caric lemon caine KIDS MENU DEDITOS DE POLLO (chicken finaers w/ fries) $9.95 with French fries MINI BURRITO $8.95 steak or chicken MOZZARELLA STICKS $7.95 MINI-QUESADILLA$7.95 Steak. ChIcken or cheese SIDES Esquites Gratinados $6.95 (Corn gratin with chipotle mavo and grated cheese) Maduros $4.95 Yucca frita $6.95 (Seasoned fried yuca with chipotle mavo on the side) Rice & beans $4.95 Grilled cactus $4.05
El Aguila Dorada Mexican Restaurant 412 Menu

Tres Leches – Flavors vary daily
Cheesecake Churros with ice cream (Vanilla or chocolate)
Lava Cake with vanilla ice cream
Lemon Sorbet
Corn Ice Cream – Home Churned corn ice cream over fried plantains

Our desserts are freshly made, availability of items will vary. Thank you for understanding.


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